Care guide.

Each pair of Zilton trousers is made from quality fabrics which have been skilfully completed, after which we do our utmost to guarantee top quality. Each design is pre-washed, ironed, stretched and thoroughly tested, so that it can take knocks.

To make sure that you can continue to wear that perfection for years to come, we would like to offer you some care advice.

Wash bag in trousers

Take a look at the wash bag.

Labels that stick in your side? Not with Zilton. Each pair of Zilton trousers comes with a comfortable wash bag, and the labels are inside that. You don’t have to cut anything off and you still get those essential washing instructions.

The wash bag is crafted from the same material as the lining of your trousers, a contrast fabric with a stylish pattern. One of the signature details that make your Zilton trousers unique.

Laundry symbols. Another language.

They might as well be hieroglyphics, but after reading this piece you will know all the laundry symbols. Ignorance won’t be an excuse anymore and you will be perfectly able to wash your own trousers.

Don’t worry though, our fabrics are carefully selected so that handwashing or professional cleaning should never be needed. Every pair of Ziltons can just go in the washing machine. Do pay attention to the specific instructions for each pair though. You will find them on the care label in the wash bag.

One important note though: one of more lines under a symbol mean handle with care, i.e. reduced spin cycle, shorter programme.

7 care tips for sharp trousers.

You don’t need any more washing tips, of course, but we’ll set out the seven most essential ones all the same. If you can’t get anything more into the laundry basket, no problem. Don’t wash your clothes unnecessarily and that way they’ll last longer.

It is also better for the environment and easier on your energy bill. Airing is the most maintenance friendly way of getting rid of odours, and this is particularly true of jeans. Do us a favour and don’t throw your trousers in the wash unless you need to.

  1. Turn trousers inside out when you wash them. This will stop them fading.
  2. Zip and button the trousers up before putting them in the machine.
  3. Don’t overfill the washing machine, don’t let the trousers soak and take them out as soon as the wash has finished. This will prevent white streaks and keep the colour consistent.
  4. Use a mild washing liquid, not powder, without a bleaching agent.
  5. Occasionally wash jeans and trousers with a pronounced colour with a dash of vinegar (put it in the softener compartment of the washing machine drawer instead of the softener). Vinegar fixes the colour.
  6. Select a low spin cycle or wash on a ‘jeans setting’ if available. This will prevent your machine spinning the fabric to destruction. This is particularly true of elastane.
  7. Wash similar colours together where possible. Wash items of clothing separately if the label indicates that they are not colourfast.

Be careful with stain removers.

Stain removers often contain aggressive substances and they are not recommended for use with denims and garment-dyed trousers. If you have do have to deal with a stubborn stain, test the stain removing product on an inconspicuous piece of material, like underneath a hem.

An important tip about drying.

Once you’ve washed your trousers, hang them up straightaway on the washing line to avoid white streaks. Hang them up indoors or outdoors in the shade, because sunlight fades colours.